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Quarantine Collage Poetry
Call for Works

book cover for this project - cover art: Rosalia Touchon



Taking snippets of statements, headlines, imagery from the daily news. Compose collage poems while we are all in quarantine. If you add your own words to connect things together, put in brackets [like this]. Punctuate how you wish. Long or short poems. Arrange how you wish. At the bottom of the poem try to mention the sources of the material.  

To participate make collage poetry with text taken from current news reports (compared to images). Can be any length. Can be however many poems you want to submit. Can be in any language (I will use google translator to have an english translation to go with the poems in other languages.) All submissions will be posted on this page. Send something everyday or as many as you like. It is intended as a record for this historical moment.

I’ll make a really short one as an example…

TV in America.
There was no cure.
You couldn’t find the silent carriers
to do contact tracing.
Right after that [we started] 
finding out where our hotspots were:
Fallen heros in the cafeteria.

Source: snippets typed while listening to MSNBC News live conversation.

Contagious – C. Bromley

all too muchthis gamekilling me softly you pass to the leftand step to the rightI’m falling to piecesin the middle of the floor Snippets taken

Steadily Climb – Elizabeth Beckmann – USA

steadily climb814.72020.53325030050019872020 -Stock market: Best -Unemployment: Worst 58,000 Americans died.start valuing human life slow over corporate profits, focus (Friday, May 08, 2020by Common Dreams: ’What a

Unaccountable Things – Cecil Touchon

a note now lying before mein a web of difficultiesthe precise mode of procedurenot altogether in accordanceits indispensable air of consequencein the usual mode of

Shiny New Barbie Doll – Cecil Touchon

the Administration’s shiny new Barbie dollShe is the best ever! Ask anyone, noone disagrees  principles and morals aren’t important  she doesn’t mean what she sayswill

A Very Risky Period – Cecil Touchon

The world is entering a very risky period  relaxing their stay-at-home order  The reopening has begunmoves are happening elsewhereHuge unanswered questionswill spark new outbreakstragic consequencesthousands

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