We’re going to do what we think is right — what I think is right
carefully so we don’t get a lot of people killed.
they must abide by social distancing
access to public beaches
governors have been weighing steps
A lack of sufficient widespread testing
Trump reacted dismissively to governors
That is a complex subject
frustrated by the issue of testing capacity
alleviate the economic anguish
check employees’ temperatures for fevers
a string of barrier islands
a trend of fast-moving outbreaks in crowded, confined spaces.
Once inside the gate, inside the door, it spreads
more than 25,000 new cases a day
many live hand-to-mouth  
people unable to buy food or pay rent
headed toward total desperation
millions already hanging by a thread
It is a hammer blow for millions more
to push them over the edge
shouting, “Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!  
convoys of cars drove in honking protest  
authorities grapple with the scale of the crisis
corrupt and incompetent political elite abruptly sought to change the subject  
economic recovery plan has drawn widespread skepticism
criticized for falling far short of the need  hospitals became overwhelmed.

Sources:New York Times: California Announces Early Coronavirus Deaths; Trump Narrows Immigration Ban New York Times: Coronavirus World Updates: U.N. Warns World Hunger Could Double as Global Economy Crashes

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Hanging by a Thread – Cecil Touchon