Hello Friend,

would you consider granting me permission to send you information?

POLITENESS is the art of pleasing.

Here’s an example of your potential

we use our private database of thousands of known

“extremists” those who presume to affirm with great obstinacy

that whereof they is ignorant, those opposed to any and all,

and are “carried about with every wind of doctrine”

and kicked off every one we could find.

That, to me, is a very, very serious omission.

If you feel you have been placed on my list in error,

I sincerely apologize.

pleasing is the art of politeness.

There were a lot of people coming and going,

we sorted them into easy-to-manage packets

maybe I do have some ingrained beliefs and

characteristics because of being exposed

to an “impersonal” but quite lucid self,

it’s just that I can’t consciously put a finger to them

nor clearly ascertain whether the changes could be expounded consistently.

Our research has found that many people

a lot of women, a lot of men,

have tried one or more of the following…

to join in good society;

to enter [social intercourse];

to go up;

to rise;

to climb up [the social ladder];

to advance;

to be promoted;

to improve;

to accrue [an honorable yet delicate reputation];

to be finished [with innocence and childhood dreams];

to go bankrupt [spiritually and morally];

to begin spinning [cocoons of beautiful yet fabricated details];

to be caught [up in a whirlwind of public events];

to get ruffled [by questions and circumstances unanticipated];

to eat;

to drink;

to die;

like a people blinded,

becoming masters of error rather than disciples of truth.

I was suspicious, but I couldn’t prove anything.

what is going on in America is a cultural war.

Beauty itself loses its attraction, when disfigured by affectation.

on that point I want to share some thoughts with my colleagues

because I think it is relevant

I think each of us in our own way

are going to have to be prepared to answer that question

even if you never tell a soul.

Please disabuse yourself of that notion because I’m not

[your friend].

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Every Wind of Doctrine – Cecil Touchon