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It all started … – Katerina Khrustaleva Touchon – USA

Name: Все началось… Все началось 25 маяПламя полыхнуло на другой день… Полицейскийувидел угрозусмертельный выстрелмужчина умергруппировки атаковалиарестованы все… бунтуют!Грабят!женщина обрызгала аэрозолем…ограблен товарный поезд…два миллиона стали безработнымихрамы


Douglas Penn Poems

# horny wet virgins – Douglas Penn

                             as every highway,                           slips away on you                                      (unknown)                             oh,              wait a minute,   wait a minute,                  

# 15/18 (undervote)- Douglas Penn

        and the earth underneath        turns to sand        the ugly one with the jewels        a devil in helsinki,        sent newspaper        clippingsmakes no sense at allmakes


Cecil Touchon Poems

Police Killings – Cecil Touchon – USA

There were violent protests  after the latest spate of deaths of African-Americanstensions over recent police killings escalated  according to videos posted from the scene  Footage

The Protesters – Cecil Touchon

Thousands of demonstrators filled the streets  defying social distancing protocols to protestPolice used riot gear, billy clubs and stun gunswater cannons, tear gas, and pepper

The Final Days of February – Cecil Touchon

coughs and sneezesbelieve the sciencedo the right thingIt depends on youeveryone listened  deeply concerning  we have [been] warned  Hospitals need to prepareisolated from othershospital bedsventilatorsgowns,