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Quarantine Collage Poetry
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book cover for this project - cover art: Rosalia Touchon

THE DANGER! Quarantine Collage Poetry

Here is the contributor’s version of the book at as cheap of a price as possible. On Amazon it will be  almost $90.00! But here is the   1/2 price version for contributors to the book.

Flight of Imagination

Submitted Poems

It all started … – Katerina Khrustaleva Touchon – USA

Name: Все началось… Все началось 25 маяПламя полыхнуло на другой день… Полицейскийувидел угрозусмертельный выстрелмужчина умергруппировки атаковалиарестованы все… бунтуют!Грабят!женщина обрызгала аэрозолем…ограблен

The Journey – Julia Payne – USA

our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, our conditioning, instincts, culture, society, family and experiences.the mind and multiple layers of conditioning.a success

Lake View – Marco Giovenale – Italy

in hope for brit boozershairdressers return to salons.fines could comealways smiling ––food poisoning––after drug shock.focus on blackpool mum crowdsdriving 125

Rising – Marco Giovenale – Italy

rising tory revolt systemwill start on thursday.cyprus mental health ‘errors’.cyprus denies financingministry of silly walksdespite rugby returns in australiasailing a

The Protesters – Cecil Touchon

Thousands of demonstrators filled the streets  defying social distancing protocols to protestPolice used riot gear, billy clubs and stun gunswater

Masking – Aaron Roe – USA

A routine process, the routine itself was broken. So much oversight that every T must have beenan ideal environment for

Root Causes – Rosalia Touchon – USA

A successfulAbuser  facilitated online    prevention and root causes.  likely to affect long-termcommunicated the intentions root causes.  intentions  appeared safe

No Air Kisses – Cecil Touchon

There were no air kisses.No celebrity sightings.No champagne flutes in the V.I.P. lounge  the quick pivot to a virtual  art

Spray Him! – Rosalia Touchon – USA

[It’s] Confirmed    [he is an] International Concern  [he is white]-washing and avoiding [reality]  Spray him [!!!!!!!!!!!!!][with the] surveillance, early detection

Infodemic – Cecil Touchon

misinformation expertsfar-right populistsactively rooting for society’s collapsethe barrage of false messages from extremist groupsIt’s like hitting conspiracy bingoAs the world

An Epic Battle — J A Dixon – USA

Behind the fake veneer ofYoung healthy lungs:Balancing the needs of allBanks with limited ammunitionAnd reckless monetary policies.The prudent thing right

Books – Elizabeth Beckmann – USA

curbside takeout operation strange lifted at the endcharge ahead full throttleit is an experiment strange books in quarantinestayed afloat strange

Contagious – C. Bromley

all too muchthis gamekilling me softly you pass to the leftand step to the rightI’m falling to piecesin the middle

Steadily Climb – Elizabeth Beckmann – USA

steadily climb814.72020.53325030050019872020 -Stock market: Best -Unemployment: Worst 58,000 Americans died.start valuing human life slow over corporate profits, focus (Friday, May 08,

The Covid-19 Riddle – Chris Lawson

teeming citiesBangkok, Bagdad, Lagos- fine some places  Virus wallops spare others? Haiti has recorded 85Dominican Republic 7,600 body count  

“Quack!” – Gary Bibb – USA

Dear Clowns, [Be] active – [Be] committed – [Be] expressive – [Be] spontaneous –            [Be] unforgettable – [Be] fearless –

Tweezer Food – Cecil Touchon

forced to make heart-wrenching decisionseven temporary closures would be devastatingoffering to-go food starting todaywe all have mixed feelingsnever seen anything

Alone – Gary Bibb – USA

Alone …. I miss seeing, conversing with, hugging, spending time with family and friends. Life is shallower. [This is] survival

Digital 5 A Day – C. Bromley – UK

moisten your eyeballs for an observation round… heat sensing camerasfacial recognitioncontact-tracingbig data andstealthy little drones detain and monitora postcode lottery

Fire – Beatriz Albuquerque – Portugal

Incêndio #BeatrizAlbuquerque Coronavírus fogo já foi extinto?Instituições querem “apontar uma data”Denunciam com um foguete em cheio“Nós estamos desesperados”Não há a

Shhhhhh – Cecil Touchon

last night we used our burger ingredientsby far the oddest yet greatest thingis it weird if i feelThis was legitimately

Misanthrope – Ed Varney – Canadada

Uncertain timesno-one knows the truththe pharmacological routineidentify germ or virusfind drug which makesBig Pharma richbut no info re: vitaminsenhance immune

Landlords Warn – Gail Coito – USA

Landlords warn ~ researchers are testingPolice prevent friends [tobe]Symbols at a soup kitchen without food.Friday kicks off temperature checks…“Without going

Reliable Information… – Alexander Limarev – Russia

( Russian version ) Достоверная информация…… цепочка последовательных фактов.[Если] в этой цепи отсутствуют звенья,[то] это достоверная информация[?] Этой [«достоверной»] информации[с

Handwashing – Cecil Touchon

reviewed internal ICE documentsdocuments reveal new detailsthe same detention facility  not been responding with urgency  denied necessary medical care  the

Lost Hours – Cecil Touchon

lost hourshandling of the pandemicdoes not fare very wellmost… disapprove of the jobWhat’s more,half the country prefers [the] presumptive  nomineehandle

Unheeded – Cecil Touchon

late last yearearlier this yearEarlier this monthDuring the past several weeks  last weekon Saturday  on Sunday evening  in retaliation for

On Tuesday – Michael Busam – USA

On Tuesday,Lysol ad President Trump said tweetFutures are contracts thatlet The coronavirus crisiskeep Americans connectedTake Wednesday’s annualEarth Day celebration, which

A New Beginning – Cecil Touchon

looking at, potentially, a new beginningpeople shouldn’t expect a quick return to ordinary lifeair pollution in the region has droppeda

The Grim Siege – Cecil Touchon

another longstanding ritual lost to the grim siegethree nights in intensive care  flags should not be flownobserving social distancing restrictionsscattered

Initial Rumblings – Cecil Touchon

Initial rumblings beganConfusing and sometimes conflicting reportsThat was followed by intense speculationWashington is monitoring intelligenceThe truth is, few peopleknow for

Criminal Justice and Fashion – Cecil Touchon

The CDC’s recommendation on do-it-yourself face masks   examples of the presumed criminality homemade masks could exacerbate racial profiling  telling people to look dangerous  seems

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