Earth-soft and lots of traffic.  “I was 1613,” said he’s not sure why the truth does that.  (Earth Ruts To Soft) “Now I know why you’re a MEDIUM artist..”

Walk and find out we talk a lot.. (Long flimsy sneel of hoard-crawl) “Why?” (as soft-shelled-turtle-christree sees the romans come up over the hill..)

About what?Space Meets? Altered Floors?Telepresent Street performers?(Birth fumble low register) “Because your work is neither RARE, nor WELL DONE”

Which girdle and sulcus are down there..  (episteme and sophia) (It quickly pulls its head inside the shell..) [a loutrophoros glows in the garden mist]

The Memory of a pre-seeing of the incidents we made (Cumin on bloddy hand scrolling paste) [an old man whittling a dog-toy beside a trailorhouse]

And four U.S. Border Patrol have been able to report to think.. (skill and seeing) [Its a charming landscape, but where is all the awe and dread..] house-

Some enemy army marketplace more busy than ever before. (built in proud places) dialectical interpenetration of generational and collective ADS-

They needed to go back.. (but when earth and sky have come to be, chaos can become the space between them.)(pume and stored) “Today’s Life”

Do not remove so many (often repressed) oppositions. (back to dancing)( U lead True. Arc of 7 cove-nets) They pass down the tradition of discontinuity.

Like a vast taxognomic DB thus facilitates shelter in evermore dynamic and articulated categories..( Nak Nak Hose Ear) Lisa Fitko waking in the narrow

(P/ he toy men protista chaos genet /P) SNADWICH.. SNADCOLLAR. (Sand for sweet ages) room [wormsbandagewormsbookbandagewormsbookworm]

Once on, they again reiterated their side. It must be noted that “of power” which synthesizes their structures can be seen. (cameras in tune) “SHINE”

An oath to the Cite’ Cultuelle (bright toast of man’s movement) “Startled at the treatment it received at the hands of [RUN—->stop processing]”

That the two of them had taken.. (loading haloprinter) Motor Operation: 1. Init. 2. Sel. Start and End Pos. 3. Start Repeating. (loose clams fall out)

Shortly after that, these agents came. (detonation mecca pioneers) Near the Guibele marsh in Kunnu… subject of Dogon “Totemism” Binu Sanctuary

Ideology has several levels, but doctors strongly recommend (melt-down protocol is often ignored) At Banani and Yugo Pilu, villages of the Scree

An approach which is essentially (land based sat-com installations) at the foot of towering rock walls, he had seen temples that were no more than

A lavish and spectacular method of protecting the mud-brick walls from the elements.. (an attemp to mobilize the local populations) facades laid over

Circles are abuzz at the bottom of the culture jar. “These people had their swamp drained.” (White flowers slide across the table) a hollow in the rock

Find out what our government “cando” to help you guys. Need a SNADWISH? (We enter the tomb-space reverently, awaiting the priest’s locust) or an open

Clouds race across radar screens (not wine but data which may curse) shed. They were approached by means of ledges from which the Scree could be

Words race across mindscreens   (fylfot) seen descending to the plain, with thinly scattered trees as in an orchard. In Yugo Dogoro all the altars were

States. “They can’t come back here.” (rules of gesture which delineate a proper ascndnce to the red chair.) grouped together in a narrow gorge which

Border Patrol officers.  That’s what’s in here for all beings. (Chronos loops the starry entrails) became even narrower as it entered the heart of the mountain

U.S. agents know, I’ve lived here in the culture jar which may include the United States. (whatever land was known in those times) mass. They seemed

And it is an heterotrophic and colorless euglenid or cingulum, which encircles the cell and contains some of these ghosts. (Bowl) to be thrust like stoppers

To the evermounting cascade of unlawful unions, INS officials did say  This Site (Carp) into chinks in the horizontal galleries open throughout onto empt

 the cell arm of the robot, distribute and sustain ideological groove in the pellicle. (Series) y space. The rock ledges were so narrow that the altars were

“The agents stick occurred looming beyond the Sahel.. a radiant obelisk of ice and mercury.. heavy colloid versions. reduced to the thickness of stage sets

And no one Border Patrol agent speaking.. loosely: bearing on their facades a few drawings of chevrons. At Bababi the priest offered sacrifice in the sight

To the Goat-suckers in Copper Canyon near the Otay, of all the people; but in Yugo Dogoro he disappeared into the bowells of the rock. They came over

I/Offered no further comment and hung .. hung dangling by a rat’s tail.. a range of low hills and looked down on a cluster of adobe shacks lining a narrow

That holds the cell (phonolite beach-head) street. Indio lifted his hand and they reined in. He looked at the man in the Poncho.. “Nice Shooting,” the hunter

The primary flagellum emerges authority (prurient interests notwithstanding.. and they never are) said sourly. The hard cold muzzle of a pistol rammed int

That there never was an surveillance aircraft while in “Been Alone” (black helicopter move towards shelf) o his middle. “Senor, Senor,” said the bandit

Said.  “Two or three of them were fired on and that Mexican Israel, Mars, Nations, Prophecy, Space, zoomastigophorans, many of which Mr. Bonner. (oak)

In addition, (often repressed) oppositions. As for the ship, it belonged to poor people working along the river, and I wished to MAR it, for there was a king

Like one dominant ideology attempts to embrace and aim suspicion at our agents,” behind them who is taking every ship by force. And as for the lad, his

“Wondrous grace”  porched poor purse pruning and preeming. Parents were believers and WE feared lest he should oppress them by rebellion and dis

On our side of come we come to function as chloroplasts. belief. And we intended that their lord should change him for them for one better in purity

Track homes in memory of Daedalus…. and nearer to mercy. We destroyed them when they did wrong. and we affixed a timestamp for destruction.


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Earth-ruts-to-soft. Althanulus Sybil in Parataxis. – Lanny Quarles