protesters poured into the streets
the outpouring of anger over the killing of Mr. Floyd    
an encounter captured on video that was shared widely
a place now covered in flowers and chalk drawings    
the city’s black community express their collective anguish 
the knee has been on their back for a long time  
‘I’m standing my ground, I’m willing to die’
“Funeral arrangements are forthcoming.”    

Daytime demonstrations focused on racism and police brutality
unfurled in sprawling fashion in dozens of cities  
filled with chants for peace, justice and remembrance  
giving way to violence and chaos by night  
vandals overturned cars and set fires  
Several people have been killed or wounded
looters have raided neighborhood shops 
crowds clashing violently with riot police officers  
from Santa Monica, CA to Boston, MA
New York City imposes a curfew 
After thousands of demonstrators fanned across New York City  
jarring scenes of chaos across the city  
mounted police forcefully dispersed protesters.  
Curfews were imposed in dozens of cities  
National Guard troops enforcing a curfew  
fears that the virus was spreading in the crowds  

Reporters and news photographers being roughed up by the police
police drew their weapons or pepper-sprayed them  
hit multiple times by police officers while covering a protest
pepper-sprayed and handcuffed in zip-ties
reflected an erosion of trust in the news media 
Trump deemed critical coverage “fake news”  
blamed the news media for the protests  
calling journalists “truly bad people with a sick agenda.”
a laughingstock all over the world.  
Trump demands a tougher response“No one is laughing here.”   
He doubted those protesting were half as upset as he was.  
The White House darkened on Sunday evening,
a president under siege  
Trump besieged by protests and fires  
a posture of force on the ground is unsustainable militarily  
Flames nearly two stories high
all night long, sirens screamed
there were signs that the violence was being instigated
by white supremacists and others on the far right.  

Monday construction crews sweeping up chunks of glass
and surveying damage.  
Philadelphians turned out to sweep and scrub 
the previous night’s damage away    
a radio announcer’s voice echoed out
“It’s June 1st, and Boston made it through the night.”

people should inform themselves and vote
educate yourself
free your mind

Lines from various articles from the ‘Monday briefing’ email and the last line from The Matrix

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#JusticeForFloyd – Cecil Touchon – USA