A lot of things going on 
we’re going to be going
Governors, mayors, the businesses,   
a lot of meetings
this is a medical situation
moving along very nicely
thank you for being here
a week of extraordinary mobilization
all working with urgency 
one common goal
saving American lives
communication with foreign countries 
talk about a spread 
not even believable
People are getting along
it’s a very nice thing to say
one beautiful big American family
the first time in our nation’s history 
Never happened before. 
we may or may not be doing that 
depending on what they’re asking for
It’s been unprecedented action 
a tremendous federal response
everybody is working hard
working very hard that I can tell you.
new travel rules at our Northern and Southern borders  
to halt the entry of the Chinese virus 
we’ve had very good talks 
to prevent the spread of the virus 
suspend non essential travel
keep everybody safe
the small businesses, 
when you add them up together  
That’s the engine of our country 
my administration is doing everything
within our power, 
it’s very considerable, considerable power  
Nobody’s ever done what we’ve done. 
all of the top CEOs of our country
these are world styled businessmen
Walmart really helpful to us  
they’re doing incredibly 
As you know, you probably know about that
And very importantly the religious leaders. 
we had a very, very significant call
I signed legislation
And free testing for those who need it.
payments to our great workers
There’s never been anything like we’re doing
on the Hill right now
Their negotiating
I think we’re getting very close 
which is a big deal 
and very importantly you will have a lot of time
foreclosures and evictions are suspended
for the next 60 days
a few words in a moment
it’s probably the first time ever
I think it’s only fair
also waiving interest
going to help the students
I signed an executive order
giving us powerful new authorities 
a clear call to action 
supply much needed masks, swabs, sanitizers, ventilators
at my direction
the vaccine is moving along
this is something that right now for right now
we’ll find out very soon, it won’t take along
we’re repurposing alcohol
to make hand sanitizer
defending our nation from this invisible, horrible enemy   
at a very high level too, by the way
I think you can see the relationship
numerous calls with governors
by the way,  
They’re loving what we’re doing 
So it solves a lot of problems. 
we will be successful, very successful,  
sooner than people would even think 
we say stay at home and save lives.
stay where you are and we’ll see what happens  
something that we will never forget
we’re going to have a great victory
And I just want to thank everybody
an incredible job
things nobody has ever done  
Republicans and Democrats and myself working together 
Nobody’s ever done a package like this. 
We want to keep everything together
we’re going to have a tremendous bounce back
some people agree with that
we have so many companies making so many products  
plus ventilators and everything else
we have the act to use in case we need it 
We’ve never seen anything like it
what we’re doing is we’re helping states
Well, it’s happening pretty fast right now
So there’s never been a thing like this in the history of the world.

From: Donald Trump Coronavirus Task Force Update Transcript March 21

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There’s Never Been a Thing Like This – Cecil Touchon