There’s a tremendous glut of oil
Very appropriate, isn’t it?
our ongoing efforts
So we’re working on it
it’ll work out eventually
A tremendous progress is being made.
the numbers of death
in the midst of all this grief and this pain
tremendous resolve by the people  
We’re saving so many lives  
and New Orleans
I have so many friends there
They can’t believe what’s happening
and I’m glad we waited
our comprehensive strategy is working
It’s incredible.
our cherished African American communities
they’ve been hit hard
it’s very troublesome I will tell you that
we must keep our supply chains moving
that begins with our farmers, cattlemen, ranchers and producers
We’re going to take care of them.
We’ve cut through the red tape  
and they’re doing that at breakneck speed  
we’re in great shape in every way
and that’s a good job.
really a great job
Sometimes it’s brutal.
It could be sniffles
and they’re the lucky ones
We are leading the world now in testing by far
We’ll have a lot to say about it.
we used it like a hammer.
we’ve harnessed the full power of American industry to produce
That’s a great thing.
there’s something very good going to happen.
We have to get back [to work].
this monster came in and worked it’s horrible,
horrible spell over the world.  
and you can go over some of the numbers
Okay. It’s Good Friday. Let’s be nice.
they’re all agreeing to cut back
there’s a tremendous glut.
There’s never been anything like this.
There’s a glut of oil like nobody’s ever seen before
Nobody’s ever seen that.
You don’t remember, you’re too young.
So that’s a double edged sword.
the level of environmental cleanliness is at it’s all time best right now.
we’re going to do very substantial testing  
I don’t know whether or not that’s going to be acceptable  
People aren’t going to get sick.  
Will it be today? No. Tomorrow? No
at a certain point in the not too distant future
you’re going to see nobody’s getting sick anymore
it won’t be that much longer.
Do you want to say something?
they’re all getting clobbered
There’s a difference between wanting to do it and doing it.
We will not be happy if that takes place.
Okay. I will not be happy.
I’m concerned about everything.
That’s why I don’t sleep a lot.
I get myself concerned about everything
I kid, by the way. You know this.
a broken system that I inherited
We have a great plan  
We have tremendous plans  
I will certainly listen, I will certainly listen.
And I’m very good at reading language.  
we’ve learned a lot  
we are getting along with the Democrats  
You talk about potential,
can anything have more potential than that?  
That’s my opinion.  
we did what we had to do
so a lot of things have happened.
You don’t have to test every person  
You don’t have to test every single person  
You don’t need that.
you don’t need to test 325 to 350 million people
it’s unnecessary.
You just don’t need it.
Remember this, we’ve done more testing than any country
Well, I’m just saying
and you know what I mean.  
We’re going to take a look at that, a very strong look at it.
what we’re seeing is horrible
“How did this ever happen?”  
You never thought you’re going to see that.
So we are looking at it very strongly.
Nobody’s ever seen that before.  
Yeah. I see a lot of different things.  
all of a sudden we’re winning
I think the answer is obvious
You know what I’m doing? I’m watching
I do say this, I want to get open as soon as possible.
This country was meant to be open
So now, we start a new chapter.  
because that chapter hasn’t been written yet  
You’re not going to criticize me
so let’s see what happens. Let’s hope.  
It’s not a bad point.
according to what I’m hearing  
I’m sure you’ve never heard that.
This is a very complex subject. Let’s face it  
I just told you  
And only time is going to tell. Okay, thank you.  

From: Donald Trump Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference Transcript April 10

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