Good afternoon to everyone.
very mixed emotions
These are stressful emotional times
I’ll just present the facts
what we are doing is actually working
it’s making a difference
close down schools, businesses, social distancing and it’s working
meaning what?
we are flattening the curve by what we are doing
purely a function of what we do day in and day out  
to absorb more people
we continue doing what we’re doing  
among different partners
There’s a big caution sign  
minimize the need for overflow on the system  
we are rigorous about social distancing  
It’s not a time to do anything different
Remember what happened
We have to remain diligent
We have to remain disciplined
we are now bending the curve
The bad news isn’t just bad
look at the numbers on the death toll
That’s what we’re seeing.
the facts and the logic of it
And that’s been painfully obvious
we all needed for society to go on
this vicious predator
attacked the vulnerable and attacked the weak
Don’t infect yourself
This is totally nonsensical.
you don’t want to infect anybody else  
Stay home for the healthcare worker
I don’t think we return to normal
I don’t think we return to yesterday
Someone sneezes in Asia today
you catch a cold tomorrow
do not misread what you’re seeing  
We have to learn from that.
That is going to be the bridge
75% of frontline workers are black and Latino  
the poorest people pay the highest price
let’s learn from that
The toughest guys are tough enough to love
let’s learn from that  

Governor Andrew Cuomo NY COVID-19 Briefing Transcript April 8

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Someone Sneezes in Asia – Cecil Touchon