Thank you very much, everyone.
they were going to unfortunately perish
the travel ban, that was earlier
if you look at statistics
we have so much fake news
I like to document things
we have zero cases in the United States
there are no cases reported that we know of
there were still no confirmed case
So we had zero cases
People want me to act
at my instructions
Oh, he didn’t act fast enough
I was criticized by everybody
A lot of it comes from your people  
please define that for me
There was just one case, one person
that ad was such a phony
One case in the whole United States, one case
we have the biggest economy
the best of everything
not one person has died. Not one. Nobody died
Think of it. So nobody died.
I saw what was going on
and I didn’t like it
I got brutalized over it by the press
I’ve been brutalized for the last four years
called me xenophobic
called me a racist and other things
a fake newspaper and they write fake stories
those papers are all going out of business
late at night, early in the morning
it’s very sad when people write false stories
there was a lot of panic, a lot of screaming  
We were way ahead of schedule
I think I’ve educated a lot of people
and I don’t mind being criticized
We did the right thing.
Everything we did was right.
ready to rock
I mean, am I correct?
Yeah, I notice everything.
Not everybody’s happy with everybody
nobody’s ever done a job like this
they can’t find anything to complain about
So that’s it. Go ahead.
I don’t mind controversy
Here’s the thing.
Let’s ride it out.  
that was an alternative
You’re so disgraceful.
I just went over it
We did a lot. Look, look, you know you’re a fake.
the people are wise to you
Well, I have the ultimate authority
we’re going to get into that in a minute
a lot of people didn’t want to talk about it
anything you want to call it. We got to get past it
if we can help, we’re going to do it
I inherited this administration
We inherited a stockpile where the cupboards were bare.
There was nothing
I say it and I’ll say it again
we didn’t have ammunition, we didn’t have medical supplies
you know what happened
We’re looking at that.
A lot of things are being developed as we speak.
a friend of mine told me he got better
a very old procedure, done in a very modern way
very close to completing a plan to open our country
we want to return to normal life
This is a very historic deal, very historic
That’s what’s going to happen
We’re going to be smart about it.
We’re going to be safe about it.
They want to go back to work
I think we’re going to boom.
there’s a pent up demand
The president of the United States calls the shots.
 We did a job that nobody ever thought was possible.
If they don’t do a good job, I’d step in so fast.
they can’t do anything
without the approval of the president of the United States.
They’re going to all open.
Excuse me one second.
the authority is total and that’s the way it’s got to be.
Enough. Please.
so let’s see how it all works out.
I’m going to make a decision, yeah.
I’m not going to say it, but look.
it does weigh on my mind  
we have some good ideas
better and better and better
ultimately we’re going to make decisions

From: Donald Trump Coronavirus Press Conference Transcript April 13

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