The CDC’s recommendation on do-it-yourself face masks   
examples of the presumed criminality 
homemade masks could exacerbate racial profiling  
telling people to look dangerous  
seems like a reasonable response  
fitting the description of a suspect  
every criminal sketch of any garden-variety black suspect 
criminal justice and fashion 
this nuance was absent  
bandanas or rags as a system of identification 
the way they show up in the world and are perceived by others 
social distancing measures are difficult to maintain  
how to turn a bandana, scarf or old T-shirt into a mask 
the complex interactions between race and health
there are additional costs that blacks must consider 
choosing what protective gear they will wear  
America’s troubled history with race 
mask guidelines failed to capture this reality  
fears about wearing homemade masks  
a lose-lose situation 
I’m begging you to please stay at home
Long lines of voters, many of them wearing face masks 
Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong 
because of cruel choices made by Republican politicians 
turned into a bitter partisan battle  
Some of the staff had masks 
also handing out new pens for each ballot
tape on the floor with six-foot line designations 
Trump tweeted  

Source CNN News Articles

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Criminal Justice and Fashion – Cecil Touchon