Well, since you ask…
Can’t sugar coat this  
Kind of late in the game
2 little
2 late  
It’s a very effective killing machine.  
Unfortunately people have died & more will fall.  
Spectacular disaster ahead
Have you tried to buy hand sanitizer or N95 masks in the past few days?
patients in hospitals are being treated in hallways
Time to order more supplies from China.
we rely on China to supply us  
This is a strategic mistake.  
it going to be cut throat to get anything  
I concur with the authorities that people should panic  
droplets will go in your eyes too.  
how easily the fear contagion spreads  

One simple step that ought to be taken  
2 paid sick days for all workers
the poorest paid workers–
wait staff,
shop clerks,
short order cooks
they can’t afford to take a [sick] day off
Here’s a thought, take a Valium and relax.
Rest easy, citizens – we’re in good, capable hands!  
Watch how they are spinning the case  
distortions are wildly irresponsible.  
looking at presented ‘facts’ in a non partisan manner
with so much Fake News out there it getting hard to know  
I have never seen that before.  
Some one needs to look into the history of this  
You’re repeating yourself…again  
From reader comments under: cbc.ca – ‘Public health officials taking stock of supplies, equipment to prepare for possible coronavirus pandemic’ February 27, 2020

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Well, Since You Ask… – Cecil Touchon