the Administration’s shiny new Barbie doll
She is the best ever! Ask anyone, noone disagrees  
principles and morals aren’t important  
she doesn’t mean what she says
will say anything to get what she wants
Pay her and she will say whatever you want.
She also stole candy from a baby  
She wears too much makeup!  
She looks like one of the children of the corn
But omg she is so hot     
Love to see who she will emasculate next.  
she makes them look like the fools they are.    
She’s handling fake news just fine.  
Media is getting some payback.  
who realize how wrong they were  
Keep in mind that we don’t have to agree
It’s okay to have different opinions
The exact opposite is true  
just the way it goes
Do you believe her then or now?
Tells you something.. doesn’t it?
She’ll handle the disgraceful fake news
I don’t really care what she says
We all say crap….but we all can change!
Yeah and what’s your point?
She’s blonde, uneducated, perfect anchor for Fox noise  
continually say vile, hateful things.  
i could not listen due to the static      
Sounds kinda swampy.  
imagine dealing with the bias and stupidity  
just now digging dirt  
they go dig up something from the past.  
This means nothing, its politics.
Politicians are a sissy version of boxers  
an example of how fake media can silently manipulate  
speaking with a silvery tongue, lies !     
the enemy of the people  
the real problems being hidden from us
It’s the usual thing they want
Let’s be honest.    
his reasoning is to free America from the democrats
People change for the better and they are called Republicans !  
we all have the right to be wrong.   
For sure, cowgirl
people can disagree and still respect each other   

harvested from comments on Twitter related to  Kayleigh McEnany  

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Shiny New Barbie Doll – Cecil Touchon