This is ridiculous; we’ve got to put this out.
We’re talking about underhanded tactics  
We know what’s serious and what’s not  
We know what risk we are comfortable taking  
every large city has gone rogue  
liberal cities love to play politics
failed to measure extra directives
they can sleep anywhere on the sidewalks
causing confusion among residents
the supply chain doesn’t work
bending under the strain of the pandemic
That’s not what I heard
that’s not what I expect
that’s not what I hope
Los Angeles in a lockdown forever
needs more information from experts  
Paycheck Protection Program  
just [to] bring back the employees to pay them for doing nothing?
roaming the streets  
having trouble remembering what day of the week it is
some people are struggling with staying motivated
the days starting to blur together
wearing sweat pants and loungewear  
59 percent of the people unsure of what day it was
attempting to adopt healthier snacking habits
streets littered with drug needles and human waste `
people living in sidewalk tents
allowed to flourish during the pandemic
there’s no elbow room
add wash stations and restrooms
hotel rooms remain empty  
it clearly does not provide a real solution
no self-respecting virus would be caught dead there  
get the homeless removed from the sidewalks  
Wait till all the homeless Republicans migrate to CA
Grab all of the homeless and dump them  
stuff like that  
So once again folks Trump 2020 to make this the greatest depression ever!

 lines from surfing Fox News 5/14/20

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Underhanded Tactics – Cecil Touchon