Malt does more to Milton
than the policy of England.

God’s reputation mixes
skillful approval of
the cowardly customer with
the law of death.

Everyone alights honesty.
The tempest’s political badness
is surmounting dignity.

A gentleman always
gains adversaries.
To the enemies I can
remember, I hand no apology.
I never forgive you and
your wrong judgment.

A common bird complains
of the error of his memory.

If you love nobody, life
is a disgusting matter.

A lesson of my life:
There is no shortcut
to paradise.

Pilots in storms grasp
the difficulty in life.

Beneath glory, there is only
that question of right or wrong.

He can’t imperfectly forget
that much useful freedom.

Everyone’s end is pleasant,
However wrong he might be.

But I go to where man
is to justify his ways.

But who have our days
learned from? There is
the greater part of their gain,
but not much more.

An, on, it, the had, lot, any can, not, of, that, of, the, does

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