TONGUE: thin, sticky coat
frequently adopted a pose of obtuseness and obfuscation
TONGUE: thin, white coat
clearly relished the appreciation of other
TONGUE: thick, white, sticky
relationship inexact or nonexistent
TONGUE: yellow coat
neurosis is not unilinearly correlated with creativity
TONGUE: thin, pale, slightly dry
self-centeredness and lack of concern for others
TONGUE: pale, wet, swollen
spectator simply cannot explain the continued relevance
TONGUE: very pale, possibly bluish-purple, short body
seriousness of purpose is often overlooked
TONGUE: red, no coat, central crack, possibly redder tip
gradually stripped of the superficial accessories of his existence
TONGUE: pale
has concocted an elaborate plot
TONGUE: red, peeled
literally kills the object
TONGUE: pale, deviated
I thought it was time to show that it is very difficult
TONGUE: very pale, possibly bluish-purple, short body
very painful, and it takes a very long time

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TONGUE PATHOLOGY (tools of the trade) – Lanny Ray Quarles