the ivory-papered container
inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany
requires clear magnification
preserving memories and personalities
and absorbing any errant drips of ink

these unusual pieces
better acknowledged with correspondence
suited to nuptial celebrations
ornate and interesting
allow you to give big

by the strand or the handful
a circle, a hexagon, or a diamond
inspires you to write your own story
and crazy thoughts on the creamy white
every time it is dipped into a well

abandon reason in favour of stream of consciousness
a spherical glass inkpot awaits
tiny clusters of gleaming grapes
Made for us in Italy
liaison in Liguria

a festive finish
an airy weave of color
dragon cloud rice paper
enters the imagination
as irresistible as sherbet

Illustrations from old Italian primers
a plethora of worldly advice
arm yourself

the forgotten pleasures
to charm, instruct and amuse

A dynasty of kings and queens
a remarkable metamorphosis
bugs and butterflies
bound for a striking impact
just for you

forays into personal insights
excuses to wrap, stuff, or swathe
a bold heavy cord
of an earlier generation
crafted by hand

caught in a whirlwind
a brief history

things most treasured
the shape of favourite objects
or Raw Metal

that send a visible message
at last –
and conforms to the shape of your legs
reed, pale, slim and strong
fascinating in design

the smoothness.. its scent
shines with modern strength
finds mention
in the accouterments of romance

We’ve made a special purchase
We can hardly wait
Simply indicate your preference
of Palaces, gondolas and waterways

Twine with shine

[it is] an affordable simulation
a stroke of good luck
laden with violet petals and blades of grass
that will not scratch or mar
the smooth flowing line
to understand real beauty.

Hmm.. a bit long, huh? I took a phrase from each page of an admittedly flowery prosed paper and stationary catalogue I read over lunch. An interesting experiment. I resisted editing..

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Notes from a Catalogue, Read over Lunch – Melissa McCobb Hubbell