hello mrs. weinburger
white-coated doorman
cheery blonde wearing
a mask

perhaps a stranded gulf prince
cheers in hell

everybody knows your name
dank food court, ornate fabrics
crystal chandeliers

a slew of lawsuits
gop glitterati
velvet throne-like
barstools are gone

a bottle of disinfectant
the president spoke
it was very exciting

chicken tenders with french fries
and cheese pizza, very good
ketchup and mustard

pandemic, pre-pandemic
shots of their corgi named

bubble bath dusted with rose petals
a birthday cake with a sparkler
we go to seek refuge

we call it the mothership
the bad guys wear a mask
everybody gotta wear a mask

filming inside a gas chamber at auchwitz
we can move the needle in the right

there’s nothing you can do

Sourced from news.yahoo.com – A night at Trump’s D.C. hotel, the GOP hot spot emptied by coronavirus – April 30, 2020

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Trump Hotel Emptied by Coronavirus – Donna Kuhn – USA