last night we used our burger ingredients
by far the oddest yet greatest thing
is it weird if i feel
This was legitimately huge
now I’m risking life and limb

if you look closely
lawyers found nothing
Now my worlds are colliding
to call upon my experience
to be more expansive
and seriously, i’m a nobody
Arbitrary and boring
I’ve debated and discussed  
lots of opinions on twitter
my conscience is clear
3rd rate lapdog
an entire generation of morons
run mental circles around  
the absolute feckless small minded man baby  
a precious, fragile little toddler.  
failure of a human being  
little asshole wanker  
a marionette who’s got a load in his pants. 
name calling is so third grade.

Why are we doing this again?
society will find ways to survive  
Stay home until you are a nice person.  

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