forced to make heart-wrenching decisions
even temporary closures would be devastating
offering to-go food starting today
we all have mixed feelings
never seen anything like this
The city of LA is tricky
aspiring actors who moved to Southern California  
we’ll get together and pull through it
a lot of people almost out of business
Some of them were devastated
 a hard time making rent
The chain [restaurants] don’t need to adjust 
[but] I don’t what everywhere I go to be just like everywhere I have been
Navigating the new world of takeout  
free kids meals with takeout orders
“tweezer food” doesn’t travel well
how it would all pencil out financially
Add that up, what do you have left?
It’s scaring many people
always in the cash flow crunch
Money’s always tight
chefs looking at those numbers  
Eventually, tomorrow or the day after  
shuttering all of enterprises  
everybody’s going to shut down  
staying home
what the … just happened?
There’s going to be a lot of ‘for lease’ signs.     

Orange County Register – Coronavirus forces restaurants into creative dining, seating, takeout and delivery   

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Tweezer Food – Cecil Touchon