the unmistakable pong of a basketball on concrete
the last to notice my entrance
on the sideline ––i was nearly 30––
a dramatic shift must have taken place
which required voiced consent 


apartment through the snow
i mostly make scrambled eggs
and then i was devastated
they looked at me blankly
shirtless, sweating through dirty jeans 

monotonous pounding and awkward elbows
some 100 years later
on a freezing february afternoon
the ghostly form was female
a glowing orb
first real prime minister
watching tv in the living room
bumping into the radiator beside my bed
at the end of the hallway 

the vacuum had moved to the opposite corner
i felt a cold flash of fear
claimed to have seen a ghostly boy in a red baseball cap:
the manitou halloween pragmatism
delivering his first televised address

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Unmistakable – Marco Giovenale – Italy