Initial rumblings began
Confusing and sometimes conflicting reports
That was followed by intense speculation
Washington is monitoring intelligence
The truth is, few people
know for sure
some most closely guarded secrets
rumors and misinformation are almost inevitable
intense secrecy unmatched in much of the world
very few people know the intimate details
all stories on the inner workings  
need to be carefully vetted  
This is a very murky business
kind of opaque about the procedures  
telegraphed to the public
with more than just a grain of salt  
to maintain constant command and control  
another closely guarded secret  
cautioned against reading the tea leaves  
Against this backdrop  
something that’s never happened
for all practical purposes
different scenarios that could play out
disappeared from the public eye  
they should at least be thinking  
making the world a more dangerous place
It’s difficult to actually know what’s happening
the rumor mill often runs amok
this is raw intelligence that needs verification
What we do know is that history has taught us
and it’s hard to imagine
We don’t know who
We shouldn’t get ahead of our skis
take a breath and use this as a moment.

From CNN:
‘Why the confusion about Kim Jong Un’s health actually makes sense’ 
‘What we know for sure about North Korea and Kim Jong Un’

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Initial Rumblings – Cecil Touchon