There were no air kisses.
No celebrity sightings.
No champagne flutes in the V.I.P. lounge  
the quick pivot to a virtual  
art gathering
the coronavirus outbreak  
the schmooze-centric art market may never be the same
We were very surprised
We have to focus
communing and kibitzing in one space
You lose the essence
It’s an event
It’s one thing if you’re going through
it’s another thing if you’re sitting
works of art hanging next to a chair  
it felt static, had no life to it
provoked no feeling of urgency  
an improvement on no fair at all
there is a lower carbon footprint
a bigger slice of the pie
You’re home. There’s a nice thing
an intimacy you never get at a fair  
next to my window in proper natural light
It helps level the playing field
a work of art that jumps off the wall
Nothing beats it in the flesh
The physicality — the moment
all those little intuitive feelings
Yes, that excites me

From New York Times – First Virtual New York Art Fair Brings Low Energy but Solid Prices

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No Air Kisses – Cecil Touchon