Today like any other day
Legislators should be freezing rent and mortgages
Ensuring food security
Protecting all essential workers’ health and safety
While voting from the safety of their remote offices
Take care of yourselves

A briefing
Tremendous progress has been made
Rejected reports
Shortages persist
Such a positive event
“What you’re hearing about potential light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t take away from the fact that tomorrow or the next day is going to look really bad,”
Take care of yourselves

Epidemics, like disasters, have a way of revealing underlying truths about the societies they impact
Five weeks have passed but the truths are just beginning to flower
The same fear and anxiety caused by terrorism, brought by nature, not by humans. demands a different response
We are forced to confront a sly and invisible enemy, one capable of leaving the host intact as much as destroying him or her, thus increasing the enemy’s own ability to spread and, accordingly, its danger.
The explicit result is a great deal of immediate contagions, and a very limited rate of fatality. And all of this, of course, is always granted in percentile terms.
The prevailing mood is apprehension, a mood that was already extremely widespread even before the current emergency exploded.
Take care of yourselves

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