From a crowded square in madrid
Holidays feel forever ago
A group swim at the Szechenyl Baths
God, I can’t even imagine 100’s of people floating about together now

A meal out with a partner
Of fried chicken and donuts
You have no idea how badly I want this right now
All my photos are of Tasmanian devils, poo & mushrooms
A trip down memory lane

The last school run
Enjoying the swings
On my way to the uni library
Picking out my prom dress
With a meerkat at London Zoo
No I’m not going to explain it

A trip to the barbers
followed by some Lego
Aloo Chaat at Elco Market
A lovely day out
with my youngest son
in front of the empty toilet paper aisle
And then that shit happened

Many more months before I return

A deer running across the football pitch
My granddaughter sitting in our flowerbed
Back in the day when field offices existed
The two pebbles left outside the school gate by my daughter
indicating she’d arrived safe
I miss these views

Drinking champagne out of the bottle
When I was still blonde
A million years ago
Will we ever get to sit sandwiched together again
and clamber over people for popcorn?

A selfie of course
Blending in with scenery
In a ball pit on a night out
I’ve not aged well in the last 8 weeks

Cooking with friends in my kitchen
It feels like a long time ago now
I tear up when I look at them
Can’t wait to hug them all again

Snippets taken from social media posts using the hashtag #lastnormalphoto  

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#LastNormalPhoto – C. Bromley – UK