talk too loud.
Can’t control them.
”Forgot my wallet – can you get this?“
constantly, how great they are.
amazing children doing at school.
even the dog.
one-up you and even better!
their personal lives and problems. (TMI)
Cell Phones
overheard the most intimate details.
In-Laws butt in.
impolite questions.
sales people unavoidable.
arrives unannounced, the notorious Couch Surfer.
Annoying people part of life.
It’s unfair.

from an internet article on annoying people

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  1. Drager Meurtant

    “It is not as bad as it looks”
    “What? what do you mean?”
    “It is not as bad as it looks, as simple as that”
    “What do you mean? It’s pitch dark!”
    “Yes, that’s why I said, it is not as bad as it looks”

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Annoying people are everywhere – Julia Payne – USA