On Tuesday,
Lysol ad President Trump said tweet
Futures are contracts that
let The coronavirus crisis
keep Americans connected
Take Wednesday’s annual
Earth Day celebration, which pro-motes
The harshest effects of the
pandemic before
gas-guzzling day.
Twit-ter President Trump
said on his Jitter-
bug flip phone.
“Use Lysol daily to kill
germs that are always present
in garbage cans, toilets, sinks,
drains and this week’s meatloaf
after shutting off wells in the
U.S. Gulf of Mexico following a
“new” big gorilla ballistic-missile
pro-democracy pro-gram Mayhem
Twit-ter President Trump he tweeted.
He don’t want
to mortgage his home for oil and gas workers
the size of Nebraska.
Vice President Mr. Islam, Mike Pence
said since the coronavirus
outbreak, Miss Universe and
Twitter tax evasion Lysol Presi-dent Trump
were hoarding can-
nabis as if it were toilet paper,”
and instructed the
United States Navy to shoot
down and destroy any and all
Iranian gunboats if they harass
our strip clubs dark, damp, sun-less corners.”
and the documentary
series “Tiger King”:

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