with disquiet at the idea of my suffering,
“I told my co-worker,
Navy Capt. Kafka, a spokesman
for Indo-Pacific Command,
Many left behind their desk
plants. the recent surge in stocks,
alive to every new scene,
investors’ optimism
a tearful, silent farewell.
no force-majeure clause,
The historic low price re-
place to slow the spread of
Two right-leaning groups–
with dreary imaginations, blind to
a thousand minute circumstances
the global economy ‘Yo man,
this plant is dying!’
the pauses of the nightly wind;
“I did my best, and I
think I saved at least a couple
“This is what it is to live,”
We saw many ruined castles standing on the
West Texas Intermediate crude
amused with the journal of Clerval,
She has no desk plants
of her own
He left it on the heater,
I, a miserable wretch,
I have deadly coronavirus,
“now I enjoy existence!

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With Disquiet at the Idea of My Suffering – Michael Busam – USA