He was a popular and effective coach,
in a cave in
Yunnan, China.
RaTG13 is the name,
sampling “Nature Boy,” “Quasi-
modo” and The Ape” were one strain
(“if you
can’t imitate him, don’t copy him”)
The scientists were
mostly long-lived mam-
mals, like us, and live in
large crowds, like us—World Series
Bats fractured philosophy was
mutually beneficial
Bats are comic book-devouring baseball-
card shows and Hall of Fame weekends
in Cooperstown.
And they fly, carrying
Quixotic proportions
Infectious to
people taken from that
cave to Wuhan to be eaten or ex-
perimented on.
World Series highlights
could infect live mice that
express the human
gene for the ACE2 receptor.
Still his statistics are unparalleled:
20 million bats at
18 All-Star games;
at least 100 species,
, 21 live
Malayan pangolins
and eight scaly anteaters.
99 games to reach the World
Ten World Series championships
a .285 career batting average,
after just 16 games.
records for the most World Series
catching SARS and MERS
from camels in both leagues;
a very similar “Lawdie” Garagiaola
with slightly shorter
Dickey, wings
a baseball life with
Hall of Fame plaque,
He would join other great Yankees
Stored away and
forgotten until January this year,
Rhinolphus affinis,
or rather of a sample of its fe-
ces collected in
the messy 1947
World Series
few other others notwithstanding.
a heroic pro-
tagonist who overcomes every imag-
inable obstacle to achieve greatness
could start an epidemic
for up to 30 years
“It ain’t over
till it’s over”

Source text taken from two articles:

The Wall Street Journal Saturday/Sunday April 11-12, 2020 C5
“The Bats Behind The Pandemic: From Ebola to Covid-19, many of the deadliest diseases to emerge in recent years have the same animal source.” Matt Ridley.

The Wall Street Journal Saturday/Sunday April 11-12, 2020 C7
“A Catcher of Character: His enduring appeal? He was 90% great athlete and the other half goofball.”
Edward Kosner.

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A Popular and Effective Coach – Michael Busam