Insulated within an information bubble
no direct personal memories of poverty, hunger, or turmoil 
the improvement in the quality of life for countless millions
we all, together, have done a very good job
susceptible to triumphal propaganda
The world is now seeing a preview
it was all just talk  
fostering an unstated desire 
preparation for a funeral

the nature of wet markets  
the nature of spillover into humans  
An early cluster of cases
jump from species to species   
diseases do not spontaneously jump between species 
small but deadly disease outbreaks    
never lurked terribly far below the surface   
a growing number of conspiracy theories
blaming a nefarious bioengineered emergence
investigations have provided detailed information  
supported by the vast majority of scientists  
There has been no science supporting the escape theory
More recent evidence suggests  
The answer to it is very subtle  
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.
But in general, the pattern is clear:
America has disastrously faltered  
the grim and growing U.S. infection
too broad and too deep to censor 

the swing of a pendulum
within private discussion
more paper than tiger
perceptions of a fundamental rebalancing
in a time of desperate need
The shift in grassroots sentiment is far more profound  
has lasting global and strategic consequences  

from various online sources using the search term: escaped from the lab conspiracy

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An Information Bubble – Cecil Touchon