The many “Weinsteins” stories  
#MeToo movement  speak up
We can’t change what’s happened
Despite years of whispers circulating
“Weinstein” has denied
“OK, how do you get to tell the truth
revealing the truth for a greater good
Breaking the Story
attempts to derail and intimidate victims  
“secret settlements that silence women.”
some out of fear  
Here are some highlights
He is tricky
build a mountain of evidence behind a story.
a much wider landscape
I just I braced myself for rejection
“I’m prepared to be a named source in your investigation.”
women who had helped spur change
and become central figures in the #MeToo movement.
difficult path  
has been attacked a lot.
And even after hearing more about everything
Her feeling was, it doesn’t matter.
The legacy — and the work
come forward
There are still so many stories to report
every single day
about solutions and how to address what’s been brought up
but you can’t address a problem that you can’t see.
And we’re still beginning to just see the problem.

‘New York Times’ Reporters Explain How They United Women, Helping Trigger #MeToo

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