Past Perfect Continuous
Most likely, you already know that there are three (ways to be) tense in English.
Past Present Future
This concept is conjugated.
simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous.
“I ate a chicken sandwich.”
“I was eating a chicken sandwich when he called me.
“I had eaten a chicken sandwich that my mother had made for me.”
“I had been eating chicken sandwiches from the local diner until I learned to cook on my own.”

The more comfortable you get with these, the deeper you can go.
Past participle in forming perfect, passive tenses.
I have listened to this song five times now.

The past is tense, while the  participle is  perfect.

I listened to this song five time now.
I have listened to this song five times.

Now you know the difference.

this words for this collage-poem came out of an online article about participles…whatever the heck they are!

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Past, Tense – Julia Payne – USA