Wouldn’t it be wonderful  
to not be annoyed by annoying people  
people will always rub you the wrong way
stuck in the office with them
sit next to them
chat with them
how to deal with annoying people
examining what you have control over
people’s thoughts and actions
the essence of influence
influencing someone else
control your state of mind,
your reactions,
your intentions,
your approach,
your choice of words.  

conjure a clear picture
the person’s smug face
their cringe- inducing voice

does your nose crinkle?
an involuntary shudder?
a surge of contempt?
rolling your eyes
raising your eyebrows
change in breath,
shift in posture,  
a tightness in your chest
a feedback loop of annoyance
to ruffle feathers  
to disappoint people  
builds more barriers  

adopt a neutral position
human beings are complex
a nuance you can add
shift your mindset to curiosity  

from toastmasters magazine article: Annoying People Are Everywhere

Inspired by Julia Payne’s poem: Annoying People Are Everywhere

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Being Annoyed is Annoying – Cecil Touchon