reviewed internal ICE documents
documents reveal new details
the same detention facility  
not been responding with urgency  
denied necessary medical care  
the deaths of two immigrants  
In the other case
placed in solitary confinement
Ten weeks later, he died
A little over a month later  
An internal investigation
outside the scope of safe practice  
contributed to his death  
 grappling with an outbreak
among its staff and detainees
will only exacerbate deep-seated problems
a broken system already
inadequate medical care  
four staff members have died
425 detainees have tested positive
a really serious and worsening condition  
held in very crowded conditions  
to hold detainees for decades  
its detained population has dropped  
more widespread than limited testing has revealed
Deaths in detention seem to be increasing  
People are terrified
coughing, fever, chills
access to regular handwashing  
with the utmost seriousness
we reject efforts by outside groups
officials declined to comment  

From – Internal ICE Reviews Of Two Immigrant Deaths Stoke Fears About COVID-19 Care

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