looking at, potentially, a new beginning
people shouldn’t expect a quick return to ordinary life
air pollution in the region has dropped
a decrease in particle pollution
soldiers are patrolling the streets
adjusting to a new, different pace of life
children are suffering when they can’t go to school  
The hardest part is the uncertainty
a full “return to normal” might not happen
it is not in the cards in the near future
many families grieving incredible losses  
We will eventually prevail  
Tens of thousands of people flooded the roads
walking from the surrounding areas  
people flocked into shopping areas 
The estimated size of the crowd was confirmed  
following the “herd immunity” theory  
The police were unable to control the crowd  
the dead were left in the street  
sparking fears of a new coronavirus outbreak emerging from the event.  
an investigation into how such a large crowd was allowed to congregate How quickly things can change  
reckless and irresponsible decisions  
not without some finger pointing  
Pinpointing the initial outbreak of the plague is hard  
Lockdowns, quarantine measures, the wearing of masks, the mass cremation of victims 
try not to watch too much  
bodies were found at some of the sites  
something that we’re looking at very closely
questions about how things could have been different  
We are not winning this battle. It is horrifying.
overwhelming the health care system
There is a native trust in the system
we must not let our guard down
the pandemic is “politically motivated” 
avoid mass gatherings 
Burials were forbidden; mass cremations were enforced.  
Final arrangements are expected to be made  
with a final mass cremation of victims  

From various articles of international news on CNN.com – April 23, 2020

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A New Beginning – Cecil Touchon