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Preserve Your Sanity – C. Bromley – UK

nation is dividedno shortage of strong opinionswe’re right about everythingalienate those around usknee-jerk reactiondig our heels in the sandinsensitive, hateful or dishearteningunsavory conversationtoxic situations who

Rising – Marco Giovenale – Italy

rising tory revolt systemwill start on thursday.cyprus mental health ‘errors’.cyprus denies financingministry of silly walksdespite rugby returns in australiasailing a to return to vegas


Douglas Penn Poems

# horny wet virgins – Douglas Penn

                             as every highway,                           slips away on you                                      (unknown)                             oh,              wait a minute,   wait a minute,                  

# 15/18 (undervote)- Douglas Penn

        and the earth underneath        turns to sand        the ugly one with the jewels        a devil in helsinki,        sent newspaper        clippingsmakes no sense at allmakes


Cecil Touchon Poems

The Final Days of February – Cecil Touchon

coughs and sneezesbelieve the sciencedo the right thingIt depends on youeveryone listened  deeply concerning  we have [been] warned  Hospitals need to prepareisolated from othershospital bedsventilatorsgowns,

No Air Kisses – Cecil Touchon

There were no air kisses.No celebrity sightings.No champagne flutes in the V.I.P. lounge  the quick pivot to a virtual  art gatheringthe coronavirus outbreak  the schmooze-centric

Salt of the Earth – Cecil Touchon

salt of the earth blue-collar patriots “Salt of the earth” with sticky fingers and very small brains  no masks, no distancing, no testing, no cure, and