whose eightfold path are you following today
        down in Ojinaga
        for the aztec bat god
        whose path do you follow

        just give me
        an approximate, simplified, abstracted characterization
        an organization of the parts
        just give me your patent claim

        I saw a book by Joseph Conrad on your lawn
        called Secret Agent
        maybe you’re a part, like a cog, or a gear
        of the Unabomb machine
        maybe you’re trapped inside the wicker man

        maybe like me
        you’re just some kind of Pitts-McCulloch neuron
        some little isomorphism in the landscape
        some little stone
        in a Tanguy

        Babbage’s Mill and Babbage’s Store
        program control is executed
        O empirical bat god

        mean grimy houses, shades drawn
        against the yellow-brown smoke

        to bake a cake or make a baby
        with the taste of tar in your mouth

        the dayshift goes on in four minutes

words and/or ideas from:

Apocalypse Culture II by Adam Parfrey
The Sciences of the Artificial by Herbert A. Simon
Cloth of the Tempest by Kenneth Patchenreturn

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