a brief ceremony is performed for the opening of Duryodhana’s eyes

they are washed with tumeric water
and covered with margosa leaves in
absolute cryogenic radiometry for
detectors sensitive in the VUV

the pattukai

has taken my little parrakeets that nest beneathe
the Line (to a k=3 etchstop)

he has stripped my rails of the shaddock-frails and
the green unripened pine (for their organic polymers)

but robust pattern integrity for a wide range of metal linewidths
may in turn require extra resist selectivity during low-k etching
to account for microloading effects

the inverse sine (sign) transformation method gave an irrational number

just as his divine guru Siva had done to him upon his own initiation
(for sub-half micron device integration)

But slow in the sludge of the Kathun road
the government bullock train toted its load


after he has exhumed Gorakh
initiates him with a bath of ashes

(The liner acts as a barrier which prevents reaction between the metal and low-k material)

his assistants then splash reddened kunkum water from a small earthen pot
to create something new out of the given material of cognition

this signifies that they are slain in their sleep

Matsyendra’s duties as research analyst within the State department gave him the opportunity
to make the arduous side-trip to Todtnauberg, the tiny village in the Black forrest where Heidegger
had his mountain cottage

where he learned
the survival time of the jth animal given the ith poison
and how to make a decompostion of the observations of holy cow-ash

and the peacock banner his henchmen bore
was stiff with bullion but stiffer with gore

particle emission from various surfaces

he crucified noble
he sacrificed mean
he filled old women
with kerosene

Is it the end of optical lithography?

Existentialism plays with every affirmation until it shows forth as negation

extends every position to absurdity and

Pottu Raja normally brings the implements from the city of the bliss of Siva

the Aufbruch and Erneuerung, awakening and renewal

a materialization of an implicit formulation

speckless and spotless and shining with ghee
in the rear-most cart sat the Babu-jee

and ever a phantom before him fled
of a scowling Boh with a silver head

without such algorithms the defect detection systems
would flag such differences

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