Today’s New York Times Compiled

The revised findings echoed

The daylong battle
the costs of renting
the bottom of Shepshead Bay

The Bush administration
the Bay of Bengal
the detainees
the president and war
the Red Cross via text
the two sides moved
the dismissals of eight

The Bush administration
the people who chose

The Perfect Bacon
the game went on
the media company

The Ducks won
the credit to their knuckles
the Stooges brought
the latest ado about verbal
the largest ever

The plan comes several
the tough bake-sale squares

The best place to learn
the first of its kind
the last two days dissecting
the chaos and corruption
the first generation to grow up
the most

The Daddy Party
the ineffable

Bob Marcacci

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Today’s New York Times Compiled – 04.11.07 – Bob Marcacci