and it makes me wonder
                nothing to do
            no way to go home
            I really want to see
                     I really want to be
                        with you
        oh, I wish that it would go
           and let me cry out in vein
          from my head down to my shoes
             just to see what’s behind
                those devious stairs
                in my direction
        (black as black, blotted out
  from the sky)

 how far I’ll go not to say
        no no
          no no
           no no
                no nO, No
        no body
     noBody, NOBODY
        of the rhythm,
         of the night
             for someone else to
     you’re looSe IN yer mind,
         a peaceful easy feeling
      a special place
  with the rest of them
                black panties
            with an angel’s face
           And, oh
          it makes me wonder
       it’s easy

                let it go…

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# foreshadow – Douglas Penn