Automated space exploration and industrialization using self-replicating systemsthe development of highly sophisticated automated processing and assembly technologies kinematic and cellular models of automata in self-reproduction.

In this scenario, a 100-ton initial “seed’~ factory is planted on the Moon This “necessary degeneracy” of the machine construction process implies that a machine can never make a machine as good as itself original machine might possess multiple perceiving organs employed today in almost all general purpose computational machines, including the (a) kinematic machine,(b) cellular machine,(c) neurontype machine,(d) continuous machine, and (e) probabilistic machine concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of light that we know,from quantum mechanics and religious traditions,is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyer of sensory data.
This is a very powerful technique.

We, at Probable Future Corp., are highly committed to bring you the best and most effective techniques that will allow to reach the great hidden potential that rests dormant in most of us Encrypted Private Key Structure
Authentication Tokens
Data types used in the routines
Error conditions

Because of the vastness and complexity of the region of interest, all traditional areas of space sciences can contribute to achieving the program goals extends to distances beyond the orbit of the moon in the antisunward direction.
The magnetopause represents a barrier that prevents all but a fraction of the energy carried by the solar wind from entering the magnetosphere.
Under normal conditions, this energy is stored in the form of the particles
and fields of the magnetosphere, It is a language for extracting DNA fragments from a large collection of sequences, invented around 1980
A measure of the state of a system that can roughly be interpreted as the system randomness
He wrote an interesting article entitled
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics
He let me know that in space..

A molecular machine is a single macromolecule or macromolecular complex.
A molecular machine performs a specific function for a living system.
A molecular machine is usually primed by an energy source.
A molecular machine dissipates energy as it does something specific.
A molecular machine “gains” information by selecting between two or more after states.
Molecular machines are isothermal engines.

Unfortunately, linkage disequilibrium, which can artificially inflate the population frequency of deleterious variants, had not been appreciated then to the extent that it is today.

This has led to much confusion over the years, and increasing controversy
How surprised one would be by a single symbol in a stream of symbols.
It is computed from the probability of the ith symbol, Pi, as ui = – log2Pi
traces the spiral of debilitation and compromise, showing how parroting certain phrases came to seem a small price to pay for physical safety
There are many many statements in the literature which say that information is the same as entropy.

The reason for this was told by Tribus.

The story goes that Shannon didn’t know what to call his measure so he asked von Neumann, who said `You should call it entropy … [since] … no one knows what entropy really is, so in a debate you will always have the advantage’information ~ uncertainty but since they have almost identical formulae:
uncertainty ~ physical entropy so
information ~ physical entropy
BUT as a system gets more random, its entropy goes up:
randomness ~ physical entropy
information ~ physical randomness

How could that be? Information is the very opposite of randomness!
The confusion comes from neglecting to do a subtraction:
Information is always a measure of the decrease of uncertainty at a receiver (or molecular machine).

If you use this definition, it will clarify all the confusion in the literature.
Note: Shannon understood this distinction and called the subtracted uncertainty the ‘equivocation’.

If someone says that information = uncertainty = entropy,
then they are confused, or something was not stated that should have been.
Those equalities lead to a contradiction, since entropy of a system increases as the system becomes more disordered.

So information corresponds to disorder according to this confusion.
If you always take information to be a decrease in uncertainty at the receiver and you will get straightened out:
R = Hbefore – Hafter.
where H is the Shannon uncertainty:
H = – sum (from i = 1 to number of symbols)
Pi log2 Pi (bits per symbol)and Pi is the probability of the ith symbol.
If you don’t understand this, please refer to
“Is There a Quick Introduction to Information Theory Somewhere?”.
to provide products to a community of customers that is continually changing to provide these services lunar soil thrown into orbit by mass drivers for orbital processing, construction projects, reaction mass for deep space missions, or as radiation shielding; processed chemicals and elements, such as oxygen to be used in space habitats, as fuel for interorbital vehicles, and as reaction mass for ion thrusters and mass drivers; metals and other feedstock ready-made for space construction or large orbital facilities for human occupation (scientific, commercial, recreational, and medical); components for large deep-space research vessels, radio telescopes, and large high-power satellites; complex devices such as machine shop equipment, integrated circuits, sophisticated electronics gear, or even autonomous robots, teleoperators, or any of their subassemblies; and solar cells, rocket fuels, solar sails, and mass driver subassemblies.

Also, a 100-ton seed which has undergone thousand-fold growth or replication represents a 2 GW power generating capacity, plus a computer facility with a 16,000 Gbit processing capability and a total memory capacity of 272,000 Gbits.
These should have many useful applications in both terrestrial and space industry.


Huge solar power satellites with dimensions 1-10 km on a side could be constructed in Earth orbit by a fleet of free-flying assembly robots
or teleoperators manufactured by a replicating factory complex using material from the Moon.

Components for very large structures, including communications, storage, recreational, penal, or even military platforms could be fabricated,
and later assembled, by an SRS.

Replicative automation technology will permit a tremendous expansion
of the concept of a “laboratory” to include the Earth-Moon system and ultimately all of the bodies and fields in the Solar System.

A number of grand experiments could be undertaken which would prove too costly if attempted by any other means.

For example, an Earth orbital cyclotron could be constructed as a series of thousands of robot-controlled focusing coils and stationkeeping target assemblies within the terrestrial magnetosphere, with operating energies possibly as high as TeV for electrons and GeV for protons.

Travel is movement through time and space and every trip is a space/time experience leading to different cultures and times.

This paper is about man on the move, travelling through time and space,
through the meaning of human existence.

After all, time is the fundament of history, without which past, future, nor present would exist.

Without time, thought and human action would not exist.

Time is the essence of meaning; space, on the other hand, is the essence of reality.

Because our social and biological environment determines our existence,
no space means no life.

The absence of space also excludes surprises because there is nothing to discover in a void.

Hence, space and time determine our position in the universe.
To understand this, one should only image being the first man on earth,
fatherless, without history, future or frame of reference, full of doubts, in short without a position in time or space.

The earth’s atmosphere is an imperfect window on the universe.
Electromagnetic waves in the optical part of the spectrum (that is, waves longer than X rays and shorter than radio waves)penetrate to the surface of the earth only in a few narrow spectral bands.

The widest of the transmitted bands corresponds roughly to the colors of visible light; waves in the flanking ultraviolet and infrared regions of the optical spectrum are almost totally absorbed by the atmosphere.

In addition, atmospheric turbulence blurs the images of celestial objects,
even when they are viewed through the most powerful ground-based telescopes.
Clearly this is an ambitious goal.

This suggests that the theory should possess a great degree of mathematical elegance and consistency.

Muntzer claimed to have a vision from God where the Lord promised that He would catch the cannon balls of the enemy in the sleeves of His cloak.

The vision turned out to be false when Muntzer and his followers were mowed down by cannon fire.

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