It is not inconceivable that the reason
for our unfortunate circumstances
could be things, things from our everyday existence.
they are powerful with a reality
somewhat different than the reality of [ourselves]
Somehow these multiple tendencies toward
isolation reinforce one another [to the point that]
isolation yields an emotional vacuum.
we try to suppress this strange feeling.
[But] try rubbing some objects together
and see what happens.
You have many to choose from.
a single layer of colored tissue paper,
a piece of wire in an uninterrupted loop,
quilts, coverlets and rugs,
old yogurt container
coins and silver objects,
a corrugated cardboard box painted blue
lighting devices, vintage toaster
complete set of dental office equipment,
two paper clips, a Model-T Ford,
objects for food processing,
streetcar, buggies, high-wheel bicycle and roller skates
a black marker, a fishing line
a few ceremonial objects,
music playing machines,
1 foot of plastic-coated wire,
pencil, key, eraser, cork, pen cap, fork,
insulated copper wire, frying pan,
measuring spoon, mug, and agricultural implements,
hacksaw (the volunteer should be the only one using this),
spatula, bikes and refrigerators, small magnets
hair pins, clothes pins, paper clips,
credit cards, a blue shoe lace
Hairspray, some tape, a glass bottle of white vinegar,
a piece of cloth, 114 metres of silver foil,
a large piece of string, cardboard ,
a small velcro strap, 3 oz. box orange jello,
silver candlesticks, picture frames, a staple remover,
cooking pots, braziers, thumbtacks,
and water storage pots,
combs with decorated handles,
tiny strips of metal printed on a sheet,
a rectangular wooden stool,
a teapot, a pitcher, fireplace utensils,
X-Acto knife, andirons, shovels for ashes,
pokers, bellows, and different types of warmers,
trammels, pot stands, tripods,
turnspits and ash holders, microphone cables
an old-fashioned hair dryer
various kinds of rocks, pony tail holders
soup-bowls, plates, serving platters, goblets,
measures and pitchers, forks and spoons.
frying-pans, skillets, waffle-irons,
coffee-roasters, casseroles, stew kettles,
cauldrons, pie-dishes, an ordinary garden sprayer,
cake moulds, computers of all types
and fritter-irons, knives, cleavers,
bungie cords, duct tape, and tie wraps
mallets, larding needles, graters,
rolling pins, pepper and salt mills,
serving forks, lard-hooks, soup-ladles,
skimmers, collanders, spoons, and spatulas,
4 Zip-Lock bags and a plastic grocery bag
a sponge, polyester track-suit bottoms
oil lamps, candle holders, candleabra,
chandeliers, cruisie lamps, Scrub brushes
candle snuffers and extinguishers,
sabres, a common funnel,
rapiers, swords in random order,
lances, halberds and spitoons full of tobacco spittle,
a soft-bristled hair brush
knives, bayonets and dirks.
dead pets, such as dogs and cats.
fluorescent lamps, split-pin clips
a box of cosmetic items, an acetylene torch
linen, a bed, a headrest, a jar stand, a jar,
a wheel taken from an old railroad car,
black-and-white negatives spaced out
so they cannot accidentally touch one another,
old Bank notes, vacuum gas extractor
field notes, a candy wrapper,
a piece of silk, a ball of aluminum foil,
a plastic pen, a copper coil
and  a small magnet with a hole in the center
are closely related to each other.
thin wire mesh, stencil brush
You have to keep it simple.
scientists have only begun to approach a resolution to this problem.

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Things from Our Everyday Existence – Cecil Touchon