sunday 29 october 2000
chilly and faint sun

all saw there in headlights glare
waving arms huge puppet spit out curse

destructive principle occurred
stone marble bronze left by centuries

wrenched slide brought out splash of power
cliff fishtailed gouging furrow

masterpieces remain
vast ugly fragility
masterworks vast sifted residue

sweeping curve on stolen time
headlights burned out hole

phenomena nomadism
decline of imperishable

stink of burned hung in air
thinking damned hands slammed hell

authority mysticism law
usurping power of speed

fumbled noticed shaking lit words
lights of another flicked back fear

wholly new phenomena
absolutely huge and fast

throwing over cliff
light swept on past
frozen expressionlessly

hillside sited horizons
immense perfected body

red tail light let out breath
wide-set mouth conjured dream

responsive to utility
lines and foundations

crazy engine wheel my brain
halfway expect a mountain jump

loom out of confused launch
into sky mount clouds hands

opened tongue snake painting
rockface a stream of hell smoke

shadow definitive twisting
racing create speed abolished space

somewhere a hell stranded thing
going frozen to a straightway

diminished time multiplied
abolition of phenomena fused

watching eyes looked back again
closed mouth words stare in hand

tragic return losing minds
noctambulism melted day and night

long incline merged into maze
neons tires force contact edged

expressed whirlwind intense ideal
savage eruption cruel violence

staring sign flashing light
waving trouble smoke over ice

struggle provoked decisive gain
Manifesto a hurricane racing
beautiful explosive gift

watch it crack and shatter force
horrible contraction scream

beautiful framework color of danger
arms claw comb out stars comets eye

throat beam trouble hung for effect
sudden urgency quick hand in flesh

skeleton rhythms hammers hearts time
let it happen great drop of blood

fluid motion no doubting meaning
amplified legs awake came on ahead

burning passion built bivouacs
immense impassioned ever-changing Future

words from
Kill Me, Deadly
Mickey Spillane
The Birth of a Futurist Aesthetic
F. T. Marinetti

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