10/31/00 - David Baptiste Chirot

31 October 2000
All Saints Eve

crazy feeling in streets
music out of jukebox funeral

                        floating down unconcerned
                        nailing naked to stakes

                                                dead drifted in breeze
                                                artificial sky cobalt blue

                        --plans and solutions pour in
                        hard reality given free rein--

tremendous photographs traveled
in agility, mystery, sadness

                        uproars,  Rivers, bluenesses
                        deliriums, rhtyhms, rednesses

                                                Indian Summer sky
                                                great shield gleamed

                        --at first glance geniuses
                        knocked balistic ideas wild--

strange secrecy of shadow
scenes never before seen

                        skies lightnings waterspouts
                        breakers, currents, flock of doves

                                                monument bridge connected
                                                cinema-tized site

                        --writing paper colossal
                        enormous Opera octavo--

artist seeing pictures
knowing jukebox coffin

                        imagined low-hanging sun mystic
                        horrors lighting coagulations

                                                overexposed picture
                                                photographing photograph

                        --parade every system,
                        invention and subterfuge--

always taking pictures
jukebox coffins mysteries

                        antique dramas, distances
                        dreamed of dazzled eyes

                                                monstrous light-bulb
                                                detached stills into eye

                        --suggested, shaped, as expected
                        human aspect eyes revolving--

bright liquid dusk secret
incantations never known

                        undreamed of singing
                        singing driftings ineffable

                                                        enormous photograph
                                                        enormous movie

                        --concentric circles attract
                        fresh brilliant solutions--

picture sun window setting
holy halo caught on film

                        martyr lifted shadow-flower
                        pale-eyed clamouring into sleep

                                                        passed over water
                                                        inert shape

                        --sky pilot turned on pictures
                        fabulous disaster died looking--

words from
Jack Kerouac
Intro to Robert Frank's
The Americans
Arthur Rimbaud
The Drunken Boat
Robert Smithson
A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Death on the Installment Plan
arrangement by
dave baptiste chirot