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Exhibition of Selected Poems

 The Cut and Paste Poets Vol. One

The Selected Poetry 
of Rainer Maria Rilke
by Rainer Maria Rilke, 
Stephen Mitchell (Translator), 
Erroll McDonald (Editor)

Rimbaud Complete Works 
: Selected Letters
by Fowlie Wallace, 
Jean Nicholas 
Arthur Rimbaud

Dharma Bums
by Jack Kerouac

Burning in Water, 
Drowning in Flame
by Charles Bukowski

The Practice of Poetry : 
Writing Exercises from Poets 
Who Teach
by Robin Behn (Editor), 
Chase Twichell (Editor), 
Chase Twitchell (Contributor)


Welcome to the Collage Poetry website. This is an exhibition space of the Ontological Museum of the International Post-Dogmatist Group. The poetry on this site has been selected from the postings at the collagepoetry email group (see link)

List of Artists/Poets

Tex Norman
Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Brad Brace
Cecil Touchon
David Baptiste Chirot
Douglas Penn
Roger Stevens
Lanny Ray Quarles
Corey Eiseman
Steve Block
Ron Thomas
David Cammack
Dr Prasenjit Maiti
Allan Revich
Bob Marcacci
Diane Curran



Collage Poetry
Mail Group

list of poets



An exhibition space and bookstore of the Ontological Museum of the International Post-Dogmatist Group
webmaster: Cecil Touchon
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July 28, 2002

"The ideas, views, opinions, attitudes, conceptions or insinuations, both explicit and implicit, contained herein may or may not be those of the International Post-Dogmatist Group at a whole or any of its constituent members, associates, affiliates, subsidiaries or institutions."

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