get gig
   a get!
We’ve industry our
Hertz processor.
        shipping powered
        that’s our can’t
        users rejoicing.
        unique here
Where matter.
        a with there’s a
For visit.

[(pasted by Ron)]
*taken every third word from advertisement*

…during the best of times or the worst.
Any doubt just look
                the past three decades
        no surprise times are
        exuberant economy fueling a high-tech consumer buying binge
        parting a sea of red ink on balance sheets.
Notice the ballroom full of smiles
        mid-year forcast luncheon.  After all
        barely finished filling their stomachs
        annual compound average growth rate
        organiztion expects to see overall world sales jump.
After 4 years on the breadline
        amidst bleaching bones of dead dot-coms littering the
shoulders of freeways
        robust projections on a winning streak.
Threats more sinister than evaporating sales
        serious bandwidth strangulation transporting billions of
        make success richest mother load of intelligence
        become the world’s largest parking lot.
Bureaucratic myopia
        political blindness
        politicians busy dispensing surplus pork
        market globalization fueling gains
        we elect to shepherd our economic interrests
…time to reprogram City County State…

[(pasted by Ron)]
*sentences taken from article in 2K techweek mag*

euclidian pasted calendar

  B A C
    C A B
      C B A
yesterday today tomorrow
          today yesterday tomorrow
                          tomorrow yesterday today
                          tomorrow today yesterday

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[(pasted by Ron)]…01-10-01

Time Travels
     Travel Times
Why Which
    What When Where
Loose Tie
      Tie Loose
Around About
       Up Down Under
Spin Top
     Top Spin
Turn Face
     Behind Back Beside

[(pasted by Ron)]…01-10-01

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