11/10/00  Melissa McCobb Hubbell

lost in the maze of time
I lived
struggling to maintain knowledge
reminding myself
day to day
another thousand years
At least
This is happening everywhere,
I have to keep reminding myself
this is the way
they focused on

Needless to say
None of us speak


I will scatter around
coral chairs and blue

an interesting area to explore
Smears of silver metallic
intense & exciting
Shadows and Dreams
the guilty pleasures of carnality

wedding gowns out of old parachutes
surrounding mountains
fascinated by my everyday

a piece of glass
don't despair
and love I let him.


Interesting messages found within
looking for something (vague)
the hidden language
That seemed more beautiful.

I need more time to contemplate

a wash of ivory.
hints of lumiere
bending the hair thin wire.
I break them.

I am no longer here

i too saw this particular show
I found it to be a wonderful
i am an avid fan
I was fortunate

you use the "used book" to bind signatures together

Never despair
never surrender
Never force it -- just wait,
something may change that we don't yet know about.

but Im rambling, now, I'll stop.


note: Douglas -- you asked what my source was for my last piece, this, and all others unless otherwise noted, use Cecil's technique of mining phrases
from my day's email. (which includes my daily horoscope!)