de)contructed (fan) letter(s  Melissa McCobb Hubbell

saw you by accident.
I must tell you how much I

I think you
I think your
I think yours

think very seriously

That is just
That is such
that I can
what I've seen
It wouldn't be true

I agree with you


What do you do?
Do you write?
Where do you live?
did you paint it ?

is there any chance
just as you said.
would you be willing to tell me

YOUR work
but your work
your world
Your site
yours is so much


abd so
I must tell you
to write you,
I know you

(wonderful. fabulous "visual" lyrical! spectacular!  Very, very moving
.amazing!  interesting, beautiful! exciting pleasure inspiring! inspires
me to no end.)

thank you
I just want to thank you
Thank *you*
And you're very welcome!

(Rain is  There's a soft,  It's getting . It  made me
dark low rumble
want to write to you,
because I know you)
I wish you

I need to run - will be in touch.



Recently, as if out of the blue, I've received a lot of what I can only
describe as fan mail... No.. i can describe it otherwise.. Very nice
complimentary letters from very supportive people. I guess the Universe
thought i needed a pat on the back.. or the head... I  took a bunch of
these and chopped them up into verbs and adjectives.. and that is what
is above...

thank you
I think you
I am
I think