27 october 2000 grey windy rain in air

        memory collage - David Baptiste Chirot

                        fell into quiet pattern
                        long enough to see
                        flowed vanished gone
                        out of memory so just memory
                        inescapable as flesh

        gathered all memories
        held Time in hands

                                        now about to get it
                                        think into words

        mind drenched with scent
        Time melted in fingers

                                        now turned to open
                                        between finger and thumb

                        folded holding

        dripped with aromas inner
        woods blooms and root

                                        paper into powder
                                        catching last dust

        pure life immaculate myth
        tranquil fearful thoughts in mind

                                        ground it until vanished
                                        burned and returned it was waiting

        dread distilled ripe and flaming
        sweet swoon seized  unstitched

                                        all would stand to hand
                                        when light on hulk a murmur

        full veins opened unutterable
        body's nets cast to world

                                        in palm breeze bringing smell wild
                                        blowing dying west bright star

        five elements strove to forge
        form world-wandering now farewell

                                        Night wasn't just memory
                                        Memory half of remembering

        night at dawn by crossroads
        hold hands twine fingers

                                        body thighs hands making
                                        so little to want to ask

        five strong elements
        at crossroads of brain

                                        memory live and stand to hand
                                        plain serene murmuring wild

        whole world kin rushed to sprout

                                met and merged

                                        flesh memory all of remembering

        spread hands and body
        farewell O homeless mind

                                        between grief and nothing
                                        I take grief

                                open your arms wide

                                gripping stong foundations

        words from
        Nikos Kazantzakis
        The Odyssey  A Modern Sequel
        Willim Faulkner
        The Wild Palms